Round Trip not so round...

by Bryan with a "Y" Thursday, September 7, 2017 10:03 AM

I wanted to pass along a quick flying tip for those traveling by air this holiday season.

Tip 1: Consistency is key.

When planning a round trip, You want to make sure your departure airport and arrival airport ARE THE SAME!

I mean.. I know a guy.... Not naming names... I guess what I am trying to say is:


I go to the customer service guy in ATL and say "See all of these people here in this airport? Look at em. Its a lot right? Well I am the dumbest one of the bunch. Can I get on the plane that goes to DFW? That is where my car currently is. I want to go to my car."

It was going to be expensive so I just went to the airport bar and started pounding beers until I forgot how scatterbrained I can be.

Tip 2: Seat selection is not trivial.

It is probably a good idea to think about what seat you want versus just clicking "next" on all the fancy computer screens on the website.

And by that I mean:


^^^ See those lights down there? some of them are from the DFW parking garage as we were flying past my car to get to where my car was not.


Tip 3: Timing is everything.

Pay attention to the clocks AT THE AIRPORT.
Your fitbit clock doesn't change timezones when you do, so you could just be minding your own business, pounding beers in the airport bar thinking you have an hour when you hear "Last Call for flight 2386 into Dallas Love" That's when I go screaming down the terminal yelling "HOLD ON!! I NEED TO GET ON THE WRONG PLANE!!!!"


The upshot is I got to spend some time getting to know Ron from Uber as he drove me from DAL to DFW.

He just moved to the U.S. and in his broken English managed to get the point across that I was in fact not the sharpest bulb in the deck.




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